As a public service, the Rome Reborn team is pleased to make available for your personal use its virtual museum of 3D models of casts of ancient Greek and Roman sculpture.* 

Here you will find models of the sculpture digitized by Flyover Zone. We use the models as points of departure for our digital restorations of ancient sculpture. In a restoration, we repair surface damage, add missing parts (e.g., a nose or hand), and change the overall appearance (e.g., by restoring the color to a white marble statue, or by converting the material from plaster of Paris to bronze). By using a copy of an ancient sculpture as a point of departure, we ensure that our restorations are as accurate as possible. For examples, click here  (the cast of Juno Cesi and its restoration as Urania) or here (the cast of the Lansdowne Hercules along with two hypotheses of restoration).

We are very grateful to the following museums for permission to digitize objects in their collections:  Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik der Freien Universität Berlin, Collection des moulages de l' Université de Genève,  Museo dell'Arte Classica of the Sapienza University (Rome), Skulpturhalle Basel.

Note that you can change the lighting on the models. If you are using a PC with a three-button mouse, hold down ALT key and the right button of the mouse. If you then move your cursor around the screen, the lighting will change. If you have device with a touch screen (for example, a smart phone or a tablet), you can change the lighting by putting your middle three fingers onto the screen. Hold them steady and move them slowly around the screen. As you do so, the lighting will change until you find the perfect view.

In the coming months, we will be adding many more models!


*"Personal use" is any non-commercial use, including use in schools or at scientific meetings. For commercial use, a license is necessary. Please write to us at the following address to request a license: info@romereborn.org