Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the intended audience of Rome Reborn®'s apps and videos?

A: Rome Reborn® is aimed at the general public: the tens of millions of people from around the world who each year visit The Eternal City. If you are planning to visit Rome, you can use Rome Reborn® to prepare by taking our virtual tours so that your visit to the city is more rewarding and meaningful. If you have been to Rome, you can use our products to deepen or to refresh your knowledge. Students and teachers of Ancient History, Classical Studies, and Roman Civilization will also find Rome Reborn® an exciting new learning resource. In terms of age, in our extensive testing of Rome Reborn® products, we have seen evidence that anyone from 6 to 96 can find Rome Reborn® engaging.

Q: Do you have to have a VR headset to run Rome Reborn® apps?

A: No, Rome Reborn® apps and videos also run on personal computers (Macintosh and Windows). See our Products page for details. 

Q: I'm a teacher. Can I set up the Community part of your website just for my class, creating my own gradebook, inputting my syllabus, and creating my own online tests?

A: Yes! Click here to learn how your can set up your own class using our built-in course management features.

Q: I am a teacher and would like to assign Rome Reborn® apps and videos to my students. Is there an educational discount?

A: Yes. The stores through which we sell our products (for example, Apple and Microsoft) do have educational rates. Please contact them for details. Each product page features a list of available stores.

Q: Do you plan to make apps and videos about other sites in the Roman world?

A: Our first priority at the moment is to take the massive Rome Reborn® 3.0 model of the entire city and to break it up into a series of apps and videos presenting well-defined parts of the city. These include, for example, the Colosseum, Pantheon, imperial palace, and the imperial fora. 

Q: Do you plan to offer open-world VR?

A: Yes. "Open world" means that the user can move at will through the virtual space. At the moment, our users are fixed to a single vantage point, around which they can pivot at will to obtain a 360 panoramic view of the scene. We consider this a temporary expedient necessitated by the frame-rate requirements of the VR stores we use and by the computational limits of some of the VR headsets we support (e.g., GearVR and Go). As soon as the stores change their minimum hardware requirements to the point where our open world apps can meet their frame rate benchmark, we will release our apps in both the current panoramic flavor  (which will probably continue for some time to be needed for headsets not reliant on external computing resources) and in the open-world flavor. We definitely want to be the first to realize Palmer Luckey's original motivation in creating consumer-level VR headsets of making it possible to walk down the streets of ancient Rome. 

Q: Do you plan to support multi-user?

A: Yes.Multi-user can be a great way for Rome Reborn® to be used in education and for virtual tourism. For example, if we combine real-world VR with multi-user support, then we can offer our Community members the chance to take real-time tours led by distinguished Roman archaeologists. Work on multi-user support is currently underway, so please stay tuned!

Q: Are you planning to support other languages besides Chinese, English, and Italian?

A: We are very open to offering other major languages and would ask you to send your suggestions and rationale to info@romereborn.org

Q: Do you support mobile platforms such as Android and iOS?

A: We are intersted in exploring the mobile device landscape but currently do not support these platforms.