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CAA 2017 - Session on 3D Digitization of Sculpture

Session organizers: Bernard Frischer, Indiana University + Gabriele Guidi, Politecnico di Milano

Keywords: sculpture, digital photogrammetry, 3D capture, metadata, WebGL, AR, VR

Abstract. This session is dedicated to the issues arising from the digitization of a particular class of 3D object—works of sculpture. Improvements in recent years in photogrammetric modeling have made it possible for the first time to undertake wholesale 3D digitization of large collections of sculpture. For example, the session organizers are currently leading an effort to digitize all the ancient sculpture in the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, Italy (ca. 1,250 objects). This session will present new work in this area of application covering topics arising at every stage in the workflow, including 3D data capture (whether using laser or structured light scanners, photogrammetry, or some combination of technologies), 3D modeling, 3D restoration (including the restoration of polychromy), best practice for metadata and paradata, 3D data bases, WebGL solutions for publishing 3D models online as well as AR and VR applications. We welcome submissions concerning the use of 3D models of sculpture for museum education and outreach. Equally welcome are studies that show the utility of the digital model for purposes of scholarly analysis, experimentation, and interpretation.